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Personal Accounts

Welcome to Sonata, where we're transforming the way you bank with our digital-first personal accounts! We know how important it is to have a safe and secure banking experience that fits your fast-paced lifestyle, and that's why we've designed our personal accounts with you in mind.

Sonata Spending Account
This special account is offered exclusively to employees at our partner franchises. Interested in getting access? Learn more below.
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Sonata Checking
Enjoy hassle-free banking with our easy-to-use Sonata Checking account, designed to keep you connected to your money while on the go.
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Sonata Interest Checking
Maximize your earnings while managing your finances effortlessly with our Sonata Interest Checking account, featuring competitive interest rates.
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Sonata Savings
Reach your financial goals faster with our Sonata Savings account, offering great interest rates to help your hard-earned money grow.
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Sonata Money Market
Experience the best of both worlds—high liquidity and attractive interest rates—with our flexible Sonata Money Market account, perfect for savvy savers.
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