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What you’ll need when applying for a business account or loan.

Let us help you prepare.

Our goal is to make opening a business account, or applying for a business loan, as easy as possible for you. 

Items to open a business checking or savings account include

  • Personal I.D. and professional/business license
  • Employment Identification Number (EIN)
  • Articles of Incorporation and banking resolutions (the paperwork you filed with the state when you first opened your business)

To apply for a business loan, here is what you need:

  • Details of loan request (amount needed and how you will use the funds)
  • Three years of personal and corporate tax returns, with all schedule K-1’s
  • Personal financial statement from last 12 months.

For commercial real estate loans, you will need:

  • Proposed sources and use of funds
  • Detail of the size and type of property to be financed
  • Current rent roll
  • Copies of all leases
  • Copy of signed Purchase Agreement
  • Detailed construction budget (if applicable)